Tools to Market Your Business Online Locally

Writing a blog is a simple way people can market their business online locally as it helps to increase search engine rankings, drives traffic to your website and builds brand awareness. A blog is basically a website that has constant new content created for the primary purpose of being accessible by search engines, which means you have an opportunity to be found more readily. There are many tools out there that help you run a successful blog. Here is an overview of six popular services:

1. FeedBurner  – This tool allows users to track stats on all their subscriptions (how many times your article was read) and provides analytics on what articles were most consumed (a list of all the articles).

2. Google Keyword Planner  – This tool finds out how many times people searched for a certain term and tells you which terms they used. It will also show the average monthly searches for each term, along with related keywords and competition level on each keyword.

3. Google Analytics  – This tool provides reports on all website traffic and indicates where the bulk of users are coming from (Google or other sources). You can then use that information to better target those search terms in your articles as well as Google Ads campaigns.

4. Facebook  – Create a business page and post links to your articles there as often as you feel is necessary. Be sure to include links back to your blog so new users can easily find previous posts and continue reading if like what they see. Also, be sure to join Facebook groups for your industry/niche and post links to your articles there also.

5. Twitter  – Similar to Facebook, but shorter snippets of text are more suitable on Twitter. Use hashtags in the #nowplaying or #advanced hashtag fields when posting an article link to make it easier for people interested in that topic area to find you. Make sure you follow people back with the same interests as this helps them feel more connected to your business which can result in increased engagement with your posts.

6. Stumbleupon  – This is a powerful site that allows users to see what content their community finds interesting by voting up or down on articles they come across while surfing around the web (yes, these are real people doing the voting, not bots). Content

that receives the most positive votes is displayed more prominently for other users so if enough people like your articles you can get lots of extra traffic.

7. LinkedIn  – If you have a business page on LinkedIn, post links to your articles there as often as you feel is necessary. Follow people in your industry/niche and connect with them so they can see your updates and better understand what services or products your company offers.

8. Reddit  – This is a social news website where users vote up or down on content they enjoy which helps determine the placement of that content on the site for other users. Make sure you contribute positively by not downvoting everything if you notice low quality posts from people with only a few karma points (e.g., negative votes), because it makes others not want to include their posts either.

9. Delicious  – This is a bookmarking website that allows users to categorize and tag links in an online library. It is very important when submitting your blog post links to please add detailed, well thought out tags to the link so other people can find it easily if they are looking for information on topics related to what you wrote about.

10. Email marketing  – Don’t forget the most obvious way of getting traffic – email marketing! If you have a list of email contacts that receive regular updates from you, be sure to include links back to your articles whenever relevant and share interesting posts with them once in a while (remember: quality over quantity).

The best way to market your business online locally is to be consistent with blogging and take advantage of all these tools to maximize your results. By keeping up with blogging on a regular basis, it will help keep visitors coming back which should translate into increased conversion rates as well as a higher search engine ranking – which should help improve organic reach over time.

Being successful at marketing a business online requires work but there are many free or low-cost tools available today to make this process much easier than it has been in the past. When done properly, it can lead to big rewards down the road as well as huge bottom-line profits for any organization.

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